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Shelf Help: How to Track Your Opened / Unopened Essential Oil Bottles using Inventory Profiles

Updated: May 10, 2023

track your essential oil bottles with Inventory Profiles

One of the most asked questions we get is this:

How do I track my essential oil bottles that are opened and the bottles that are un-opened?

Tracking all of your Young Living essential oils is easy with the Inventory Profiles feature.

Now you can create multiple user profiles to track and list your oil products separately for family members, locations, occasions, and everything else. Get creative!

Here's how it works:

Track opened & unopened essential oil bottles with Oil Shelf inventory profiles

1. Tap on the "Home" button underneath the search bar in the app

2. Select “Manage..." to create a new inventory profile

3. Create a profile called Opened for all of your opened bottles

4. Create a separate profile named Unopened for all of your unopened items

5. Scan your inventory for each profile using Shelfie Cam

That's it!

The Inventory Profiles feature in the Oil Shelf app makes tracking your inventory quick and simple for any situation.

Here are some more creative ideas from our users:

  • Home

  • Upstairs

  • Downstairs

  • Bathroom

  • Holidays

  • Self Care

  • Office

  • Car

  • Mom & Dad

  • Kids

These are just a few helpful examples. The possibilities are endless.


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